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Mike Williamson

Partner - Trial Lawyer

Experience + Compassion

“Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth."

Franklin D. Roosevelt

32nd President of the United States

Mike Williamson

Partner - Trial Lawyer


Mike’s Profile

Michael Williamson spent over a decade defending insurance companies and corporations.  He gained invaluable experience trying and winning federal and state court jury trials throughout Louisiana.  In 2018, Michael chose to team up with childhood friend, Aaron Broussard, to use this experience and insight to make a meaningful contribution to the lives of real people.  

Michael’s time as a defense lawyer taught him that when people are honest about their lives and have real injuries, a jury, not an insurance company, is the path to full justice.  Without an experienced trial lawyer to help fight insurance companies, most people do not stand a chance.     

Insurance companies don’t always play fair. They deny claims that should be paid. They have the money and they make the rules. The good news is you can beat them, but you have to hire the right attorney. I stopped representing insurance companies and started representing people because I wanted to be that attorney. 

I think its important for people to understand the difference between trial lawyers and settlement lawyers, and why you should always hire a trial lawyer even if you never want to go to trial. First, trial lawyers get better settlements. Insurance companies know which lawyers will go to trial and which ones won’t. Lawyers who go to trial get better settlements. There is an old saying: “Cases that are prepared for settlement go to trial, and cases that are prepared for trial settle.” 

The second reason to hire a trial lawyer is that sometimes you have to go trial to get what you deserve. When you walk into the courtroom, you need someone with experience sitting next to you.     

Williamson graduated from Sulphur High School, Louisiana State University and the LSU Law Center.  He has lived and worked in Southwest Louisiana and spends his free time enjoying being a husband and father.   



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